The Wisconsin Mad Man

Do you have an idea
that could revolutionize the world?

Wisconsin Mad Man with Detonator

"Mad Man" Mark Madson

Hello Friends:

Are you a budding entrepreneur with ideas on how to revolutionize the world around you?

You are? Well then you’ll probably know how hard it is to be a person that has an idea that no one else has had.

You, one man or woman, has an idea for something different, unusual… something “outside the box”.

You alone, on a planet of over 6 billion people.!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve been through this. It’s hard to find someone to believe in you when you first have an idea. You’re subject to ridicule, catcalls, and sometimes even national parodies.

But… I made it through all that. And I came out a WINNER!

My name is Mark, the “Mad Man”, Madson, and I’m here to tell you that your dreams are not impossible. No, not at all!

I was once like you. I had ideas for things like a Big Block Mail Box, or a Pro Street Racing Lawn Mower. I was much like you. I was excited because I could see in my head, how my idea could change the world. I was the only one that was excited. But I didn’t let that get me down! I persevered, and I didn’t give up!

And now I’m here to tell you my story.

“Creations of the Wisconsin Mad Man”

Some people have asked me – What are you “Mad” about? I explain that I’ve long been known as the “Mad Man” because my last name is Madson – and because I’ve been known to do so many interesting and unique projects over the years, people think I am MAD for trying, and for that matter even thinking about trying to accomplish some of the projects I have created!

But, it’s been fun… and here are a few of my larger projects detailed in my book:

  • 1988 Madson Crossfire Distributor Cap
  • 1989 Big Block Mail Box
  • 1990 Blowing in the Wind Weather Vane
  • 1991 Big Block Lawn Mower
  • 1992 12-second Nitro-charged Cadillac
  • 1993 Pro Street Racing Lawn Mowers
  • 1994 The World Famous Truck in the Tree
  • 1995 Pro Street Lawn Mower build it Video
  • 1997 General Lee Car in the Tree
  • 2000 Restoring a 1952 Madson (his body)
  • 2001 Harley Heartbeat Truck and Motorcycle
  • 2001 Ripley’s Believe it or Not TV show
  • 2001 The Giant 911 American Flag in the field
  • 2002 Totally Topless Caddy
  • 2004 Cruising Cadillac Boat
  • 2004 Monster Nation TV show
  • 2005 The Cubical Car – Dropped from a Crane
  • 2005 Country Thunder Topless Winter Cadillac

But, you really need to read my book to get the full story on everything I’ve done.

This book really isn’t about me…

“This book really isn’t about me and what I have done. It is about ‘YOU’ and every other creatively innovative person that will be reading it! We have all done similar things in our lives, and the important thing is to share them with others. As you read this book, think of the things that you have done in your life and write them down so you can share them and relive them with others. This book is only a reflection of the things that ‘YOU’ have done, and should be sharing with the rest of the world. Our life is determined by what we have left behind. These stories are the legacy that we owe to our children, grandchildren and the rest of our own culture as we know it. My main purpose in writing this book is to inspire you to write your book!”

“As I’m sure you have already noticed, that this book is written ‘Upside Down and Backwards’ which is actually frontwards!!!! That way you get two books for the price of one!!! These seeming unbelievable stories are true. Although if someone told me these stories, I wouldn’t believe all of them either!!! That is why I included ‘The Proof with the Pudding’… ‘Full Throttle Creations’ lists the yearly high lights as a quick and easy ‘Preview or Review’. ‘Creations of the Wisconsin Mad Man’ fills in all the details with the actual newspaper and magazine articles, along with in depth information on how it happened”.

After reading my book “Creations of the Wisconsin Mad Man” you won’t believe how much I’ve done, and that I’m still alive after some of it!…

This book is a mechanical autobiography…

“This book is a mechanical autobiography of the creations of a ‘Mad Man’ for more than five decades. It started when I took the engine off my lawn mower, put it on my bicycle and left home for a week. The book is written the same way I have lived my life, ‘Upside-down and backwards, which is actually frontwards’. Most people are just ‘hitching and hoping’ going through life in that direction, that’s why I’m going in this direction”.

“The book has two covers so that it will attract two completely different markets. ‘Full Throttle Creations’ attracts the ‘Hot Rod’ market, and ‘Creations of the Wisconsin Mad Man’ attracts the rest of the naturally curious and innovative people. The book is laid out and designed so that it can be read from either direction. One way the book starts out as a yearly ‘Preview’ of each project and ends with detailed articles and informational proof of each seemingly unbelievable project. You can also flip the book over so it is ‘Upside Down and Backwards’. Then the book starts out as detailed stories with a yearly ‘Review’ of each project at the end of the book”.

“It not the end… it’s only the beginning”
WISN Channel 12 TV news report about several of my creative projects.

Big Block Lawn Mower

The Coolest Way to cut the grass

Creations of the Wisconsin Mad Man

Table of Contents:

  • Mission Statement
  • 911 American Flag – page 1
  • The Madson Mailbox – page 6
  • The Madson Family Tree – page 14
  • The Truck in the Tree – page 32
  • Cold Weather Hot Rods – page 41
  • Pro Street Lawn Mowers – page 45
  • General Lee in the Tree – page 55
  • Madson Crossfire Distributor Cap – page 61
  • Madson Mechanic Tool – page 66
  • Madson Power Blasters – page 69
  • Monster Nation Caddy – page 72
  • Junk Yard Wars – page 81
  • Auto Body Restoration – page 84
  • Hot Rod Radio – page 95
  • Work???? – page 99

Here’s what some customers are saying:

“Mark, as usual, you know how to inspire others to greatness! Your think-outside-the-box philosophy and passion for life is just what the complacent cynics need to awaken from their lives of banality.”
~ Josh

“We just got your book in the mail. We loved it. Kelsey (the local peace officer) said that she is sure all of your cars are legal in every aspect, and of the switch that blows flames out of the exhaust. :-) Olaf thinks you are still looking good at the ripe age of 50′s.”
~ Kelsey & Olaf

 My Motorized Bike

“I liked the tree truck tree house.. I think what you do is pretty nifty.. and very interesting.. how did you start doing this stuff..? everything in your book i love… u seem very talented.”
~ Amy

“I love it all and cant put your new book down yet! I have been watching you build things for 25 yrs and you have always inspired me with your energy on life.”
~ Mike Bruns


Big Block Mailbox

Mark and his Big Block Mailbox

Follow your Passion, and it will lead you to success…

“Most people are going through life in ‘That Direction’, that is why we are going in ‘This Direction’. People that think like us, have done more than just step outside the box, or said ‘Why Not?’ I will bet that now that you are thinking about it, most of the advancements and creative successes that you have accomplished in your life have been when you were ‘Running Against the Wind’. The whole concept of building a ‘Hot Rod’ is to go against the grain and create something new. That internal spark that keeps burning inside you is just dying to breakthrough the walls that the rest of the world has built for us to live inside.That is why ‘Flames’ are such an attraction for people like us. Whether they are on your car, or in a huge ‘BURNING MAN’ bonfire, we see it as energy and passion that is trying to escape.”

Here I am on Monster Nation
Documenting many of my fascinating projects
(including my floating Cadillac and limestone volcano)

“Everything you have done is extraordinary. I have known Mark for years and the man is simply amazing. One of the smartest people that I have ever met. Mark has come up with some incredible inventions that still leave me in amazement today. As a kid Mark always offered encouragement and support on any mechanical project that I had ventured into no matter how small or stupid it must have seemed. The extra details incorperated into his veichles are ingenious. He is a great guy who will teach you anything you need to know about mechanics and will answer any question that he is able to, which is pretty much anything. Keep ‘em coming Mark, I can’t wait to see what you come up with in the next ten years.”
~ Matt De Long

“Through meeting Mark as a friend and a business partner, I have learned that anything is possible through determination, hard work, and constant creative, outside the box ideas. We are currently working on a humanitarian effort to raise money to help terminally ill children live their dreams.”
~ Ben Heinen

Flame Throwing Wheelstander

My Flame Throwing Wheelstander


“Dreams are the seeds of ‘Creation’, but they must be planted with paper and pen. Anyone can simply sit back and dream. It takes some kind of action in a positive direction to start the creation of a dream. Even something as easy as buying this book, is a step in the right direction. That one little step could motivate you through the creation of your dream. Only then can you focus and train your mind to concentrate on the final result. Your internal passion will create the enthusiasm and energy it will take to fulfill your dreams. Success is easy if you like hard work and perseverance. The responsibility you will learn from this will influence and motivate others to help you and help others to follow in your footsteps. Your life will become a self-fulfilling prophecy built on teamwork and leadership, as you gain the respect and loyalty of your peers. In the end, only you will know and feel the true satisfaction in what you have created!”

“Loved The mail box story. Keep on Keepin on.”
~ Gator Sedwick
“What can we say…we are speechless. The personality that you portray in all your work is all together unique. Not a lot of people put heart and dedication into their work, like you do.”
~ Girls of 929 Wisconsin
“Wow! You are my new idle! A man without mechanical apptitude is a man without living…. what a life you are living.”
~ Richard Schulz

“I can’t Drive 55″ Promotional Video for my book
Watch as I Crush Cars, Blow Things up, and entertain beautiful babes…

“You’re quite an amazing guy Mark. I’m the local Ford dealer in Clinton and can’t believe all your acomplishments.”
~ Jim Peck
“You are so inspiring. I love your birthday challenge and enjoyed seeing you on channel 3000. You inspire me! Love the Packer mobile.”
~ Karen
“Simply great to know there are actually real wild men still on the planet….lol……keep up the great work…..”
~ Lord Maximo


So… what can this book do for you? Why should you purchase it?

Great questions! Here’s how I see it:

  • It will Open your mind to your own inner creative voice.
  • Go ahead – Take the Plunge – Think Outside of the Box!
  • Understand my Upside Down and Backwards strategy.
  • Read about some very cool projects I’ve done over the years.
  • Become Inspired to Write Your Own Story.
  • This book makes a Great GIFT!

Go ahead – You can order
Creations of the Wisconsin Mad Man right now

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The primary motivation for me to write this book was to create something I could be proud of. And really, what person doesn’t want to be proud of something that they’ve put their name on? Also, it’s something I could market in my community as a fundraiser for my local High School. I’ve been actively involved in my community and was a wrestling coach for Clinton High School. I hope to be able to keep supporting these great programs, something I care deeply for.

Wisconsin Mad Man

I encourage you to buy my book!